Are your nightstands a little worse for wear? When the drawers start to stick or the bottoms start dropping out, it’s time for a new nightstand. But how do you find the perfect nightstands for your bedroom? The best answer to get the ideal nightstand is a complete bedroom set, but if you can’t afford that expense there are a lot of ways to find just the right nightstand for you.

Estate sales and auctions

The best way to find antique or vintage nightstands to go with your existing bedroom set is to go to estate sales and estate auctions. These sales often contain multiple bedroom sets, and you may be able to find a nightstand that matches your existing bedroom furniture. Estate sales are usually held at the home the furniture is coming from, while estate auctions may be held in an auction house or at the estate.

Local furniture stores

If you don’t want to wait to get a new nightstand, you can find some limited options at local furniture stores. The downside here is that you never know what furniture stores have the ideal nightstands you are looking for. You may be able to browse their inventory online, but most brick-and-mortar furniture stores require you to come into their showroom to see the furniture. The upside here is that you’ll be able to find very reasonably priced nightstands.

Flea markets and junk shops

When your bedroom embraces the eclectic or Bohemian interior design styles the best way to find unique furniture is to visit flea markets, junk shops, swap and shops, craft fairs, and other temporary or floating venues. These “stores” are actually made up of a variety of individuals or small businesses and their unusual or unique offerings. This leads to you having more interesting and affordable nightstands.

Antique malls and auctions

If your bedroom is already filled with traditional or vintage furniture the best place to find the ideal nightstand is antique malls and auctions. These antique venues are the best place to find vintage and antique items to match your existing furniture. Some antique auctions can get pricey, but antique malls work in a similar way to junk shops, with many independent sellers contributing to the offerings.

Shop online furniture stores

If you really want the most options for a new nightstand for your bedroom, you should turn to the internet first. You will be able to find many more options that match your existing furniture. In fact, if you have recently updated your bedroom with a new bed from a particular brand or collection you may be able to find matched nightstands.

Shopping online gives you another big benefit – lower prices. When you shop for bedroom furniture online you are able to get sale prices year-round, often with free shipping and delivery. If you decide you really like one of the bedroom sets available, you may want to consider redesigning the entire bedroom as a fun project. 


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