Reading physical books has been a dying skill since the inception of the internet. One can get knowledge of any field by scouring the web, which has led to the decline of print media. Some companies have also introduced technology in the way people consume reading material, i.e. through special reading tablets. Books are special because they contain so much knowledge without the negative effects of blue light and distractions. So, how can one transform themselves into a person that loves to read physical books?

Pick books on genres that one loves

The beautiful thing about books is that they come in many topics, and it is up to the reader to decide what they want to read. There are fiction and nonfiction genres. The fiction category has many genres such as horror, thriller, romance, fairy tales, and murder mysteries, to name a few. The nonfiction category includes books that impart knowledge on almost all topics one could be interested in like woodwork, parenting, marriage, self-development, and health and fitness. By choosing what interests the reader, he or she is more likely to enjoy reading.

Visit sites and locations that contain physical books

Physical books are slowly being replaced with eBooks, but there are still locations that one can get books. There are even libraries in every major town that is supported by the local government where readers can borrow and exchange books they already have. There are programs powered by people that enjoy reading that one can look into around their area. There are multiple websites such as, TheWorks that contain all genres of books, including Holiday Reads.

Join groups with people that enjoy reading

There is a reason there are many book clubs, including ones formed by famous people such as Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon. People enjoy reading as a group and analysing the themes and symbolism in a group with likeminded individuals. Such groups enable a new reader to discover other reading options that may have otherwise never been heard of on their own. They also challenge the reader into finishing a whole book before moving onto the next.

Read consistently

Reading is a habit like any other and requires daily practice for it to stick. For beginners, reading at least one page a day can make one get into the habit sooner. Reading a page a day will eventually lead into a chapter a day until one can be able to read faster. Allocating a small part of one’s day to reading can be a problem for busy individuals. It is recommended to take time from bad habits and replace it with good habits like reading. To encourage one to read, he or she may create a safe and peaceful reading nook at a corner where they are comfortable and eager to read.

Read to understand

The secret to becoming an avid reader is to grasp concepts put in the book by the writer. One can write notes on what they understand from the book, highlight important points and add comments about the book. Keeping a reading journal is the easiest way to accomplish this goal.

Reading transforms one’s mind and enables them to use their imagination. It can also open one’s mind to other possibilities, like being a writer. A famous quote by the writer George R.R. Martin helps one see what people who don’t read are missing. He says, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…the man who never reads lives only one.”


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