Many people think that getting comfortable in a pair of shoes means that you are safe while in the factory. Well, the plain truth is that feet are the most vulnerable parts that are likely to be injured first in the case of an accident. Most importantly, other than our eyes and hands, we also need the same feet to complete daily tasks for income generation. That makes our feet one of the most delicate parts that need proper care and attention.

Getting the right safety shoes can be very challenging. Do you think most online stores stock the right safety shoes per safety levels? Well, engelbert strauss is an online retail store that will not only serve your taste and preferences, but ensure quality too, and adherence to all standard safety features. When choosing the right safety shoe, you need to check on the following:

1. Size

Well, shoe size contributes to the general well-being of a person during work hours. However, it is important to note that the size features in a recreational shoe are not the same ones considered in a safety shoe. For instance, when buying, you should get a shoe size that gives enough room for relaxing the toe muscles. The size should also be big enough for socks accommodation. Moreover, your feet will tend to swell and expand during hot sunny weather, and that gives the essence of a big-size shoe.

2. Sturdiness

Other than concentrating on interior comfort, it is also essential to focus on what the outside material consists. Remember, not all harmful materials that target our feet will come through the sole, but also the upper parts. Therefore, you need to get safety shoes that are sturdy enough to resist heavy falling objects such as metals. The sturdiness will also be in a position to cushion you in case you accidentally knock your feet on sharp or hot objects.

3. Rubber sole

On this one, you need a pair of shoes that insulate you from electrocution and any form of shock. Rubber soles are poor conductors of both heat and electricity. When you have rubber soles on, the amount of heat energy that your body loses through the feet will significantly drop. Rubber shoes also have a firm grip, and therefore you will unlikely suffer careless slips.

4. Perforation resistance

Anti-perforation is more of sturdiness, only that this one protects you from prickling and sharp objects that can get their way through any part of the shoe. The key to perforation resistance is ensuring that the whole shoe from the sole to the last lace tip is covered with anti-perforation material. However, you should note that anti-perforation does not save you from wear and tear, and including heavy-weight impacts. 

5. Water-resistant

Finally, it would be best if you always kept your feet warm at all times regardless of your working environment. The best shot at it remains to have water-resistant shoes. This kind of shoe does not only save you from dirty or muddy water but from corrosive chemicals too. The chemicals may affect the outer shoe parts but will not have a chance to penetrate through.

The safety of your feet in a working environment will always begin with you at all times. It is more comfortable having heavy safety boots on your feet than having tons of bandages around.


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