Hotel Brooklyn announces that it will re-open for business on 21 August 2020, celebrating with an amazing competition.

Simply book directly before the 26th November to be in the running to win a 5-night stay in New York, in Spring 2021, staying in a plush midtown Manhattan Hotel with economy return flights included.

Designed by Squid Inc, the name Brooklyn was inspired by the New York Borough – chosen for its similarities to Manchester: its buzzing industrial growth and powerfully vibrant identity and culture.

The 189-room hotel pays homage to Brooklyn’s history from early 20th century to the present day and – crucially – is a pioneer in accessible design – leading the way in Europe with its adaptability features: a trailblazer inaccessible, sexy and modern design for all.

Reopening after the initial opening occurred in February the hotel is going above and beyond to make the space safe during the pandemic.

 “We are a brand new property conforming fully with modern travel needs so we already have lots of features designed to allow for an environment where personal space is a key factor, including a self-check-in facility so no contact is required from the second a guest arrives. 

In addition, we have nearly 200 brand new and immaculately clean bedrooms and best practice in hospitality cleanliness lined up ready to go including UV lamps, misting of rooms, tested and compliant staff fully-trained in the highest standards. Finally, we have a large restaurant and banqueting spaces, several separate kitchens and four lifts, allowing us to plan for continued social distancing. I am delighted to get back into the office post-COVID-19 lockdown and celebrate the hospitality industry for what it is – the art of entertaining guests… It’s time for the beleaguered travel and hospitality industries to get back on their feet. We look forward to welcoming visitors to Manchester’s little piece of the Big Apple.”

(General Manager, Paul Bayliss)



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