Amazon is a platform where millions of sellers can add their products. This allows finding customers from all over the world and increasing sales volume. It offers effective fulfillment services (FBA) at relatively low costs, including reasonable FBA removal fees.

If you wish to make your selling experience on the Amazon platform even better, you should consider opting for FBA. Check info on how this service works in 2021 in this article.

Initial Information on FBA

There are several things you need to do to ensure a great customer experience. It is not only about making a good product listing and providing professional customer support but also about ensuring proper product delivery.

It is possible to arrange delivery and storage of the goods you sell yourself, or you can fully entrust this work to Amazon. Just imagine how much free time you will have without having to bother about the proper delivery of your product. Everything will be taken care of by Amazon, including customer support.

The main benefits of such services include the following:

  • The service allows saving lots of time. You will be able to do other things to develop your business, such as developing effective marketing campaigns, improving product descriptions, and more.
  • FBA sets you free from various important tasks. Managing delivery processes is not something you may enjoy. If you really find doing this work annoying, simply opt for FBA offered by Amazon.
  • Free services. Amazon wants you to enjoy this type of service even more. That is why you can grab additional benefits offered by the company for everyone who starts using its services. Among such benefits, you will find free ad clicks, free delivery, free storage, and more.

How Does FBA Work?

In simple words, Amazon will pick, properly pack, and send your products to customers. It will also take care of returns and exchanges. You will need to prepare your goods properly, including labeling them before you deliver your products to one of the fulfillment centers. You need to choose to use this type of service in your account. This can be done in the following way:

Step 1 — Choosing delivery by Amazon

It is up to you whether you wish all the products you sell to be delivered by Amazon or only some of them. You will need to indicate which exactly products you want to be delivered by this company.  In this case, you will create a separate listing on the relevant page of the Amazon platform. It is possible to either add all of the goods at once or list each of them separately.

Step 2 — Preparing your products  

Now that you have created the list of products you wish to be delivered by Amazon, you need to prepare them properly. In particular, you need to label them in the correct manner. The company provides full instructions on that on its websites, and you can read them to get your products ready.

Step  3 — Delivering your products to one of the fulfillment centers 

You can find an Amazon fulfillment center located close to you. Then, you will need to gather the products that you properly packed and labeled and send them to that destination. Since then, Amazon will take care of your products, and you can relax.


The FBA services provided by Amazon can be useful for every merchant who sells products on this platform. Quick and non-problematic delivery is very important to ensure that your customers will be happy. Also, it is essential to manage problems quickly if there is an issue. Considering that you also get extra benefits, it is recommended to opt for this service.



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