No scientist or psychic could have anticipated the current state of affairs. With the global COVID-19 outbreak, the economy has halted and people have been ordered to keep a safe distance from each other. 

Even if you consider yourself an introvert, these unprecedented times probably have turned your usual life upside down. With nowhere to go, no one to see, how are you spending the long summer days?

The situation is so unusual that it’s normal to be stuck in a funk. Remember all the things you wished you could do if you had the time? Well, now you have it! We are sharing some things you can do to keep yourself busy and utilise the time productively. Take a look.


1. Get Your Fitness on Track

With a non-stop schedule, it often becomes impossible to squeeze in a workout. Now that you’re probably working from home, you likely have more time on your hands. Several Youtube fitness gurus make home-friendly workout videos. You can also follow along with Instagram Live sessions.


2. Learn a New Language

Always wanted to master Spanish but never had the time to practice? This is the perfect chance to get started with a foreign language. Duolingo and Babbel are two incredible apps that offer lessons for a wide variety of languages. Whether you want to polish your French or learn Farsi, these apps will guide you.


3. Sort Out Administrative Tasks

Despite being adults, we are all guilty of being lazy with administrative tasks. Whether you planned to change your name after marriage or wanted to get rid of an embarrassing middle name, now is a good time to get it done. Simply head over to and get the process started.


4. Deep Clean Your House

Even if you hoover your house every couple of days, a lot of dust builds up behind appliances and under furniture. Get your overalls out, because it’s time to deep clean your house. Thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, wash soft furnishings, and wipe down appliances.


5. Join a Book Club

If you are an avid reader, this is your chance to get through the huge pile of books you have collected over the years but haven’t read yet. Luckily, you can make the experience even more fun by joining an online book club. Are you looking for reading inspirations? Check out book clubs by Oprah Winfrey and Emma Watson.


6. Discover Your Talents

Since all major sporting and entertainment have been cancelled or postponed, you can focus your attention on discovering new talent- making bread. What started with simple banana bread has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon with everyone becoming sourdough bread experts. So join the bandwagon and enjoy some freshly-baked homemade bread!


7. Practice Cooking Skills

If baking bread feels like too much work, you can still perfect your cooking skills. Get creative with pantry goods and maybe master your signature cocktail.


8. Organise a Virtual Game Night

Just because you can’t leave your house, doesn’t mean you cannot be social. Apps like Houseparty have made it possible to organise a virtual game night. You can also invite your friends for virtual movie night by downloading the Netflix Party browser extension.


9. Tidy Your Wardrobe

Stop procrastinating a wardrobe purge. Get every item of clothing out of your wardrobe and try everything on. This will help you decide what you like and what you need to give away. 


10. Get Some Plant Friends

Get some indoor plants for your house and become an expert in keeping them alive.

While your desire to be productive is wonderful, it’s perfectly alright to take some time to adjust to the new normal. After all, we are going through a global pandemic. So don’t be too hard on yourself!


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