According to the latest data from home setup service Just Move In, the number of households moving has accelerated drastically since the easing of the property industry lockdown.

Just Move In’s data shows that in the five short weeks since restrictions were eased on the 13th May, the number of people moving has exceeded the total seen throughout the seven previous weeks of lockdown by 28%.

Over the first four weeks of lockdown, the number of people moving house fell by an average of -25%.

The total number of moves declined by 12% week-on-week across the full seven weeks of lockdown.’

However, since the 13th of May, the number of people moving home each week has exploded with an average week-on-week increase of 29%; driven by a huge uplift of 68% in the first week alone.

Co-founder of Just Move In, Ross Nichols, commented:

‘We’ve seen a number of market metrics point to a strong industry revival since the UK property market reopened for business and it’s great to see that this has filtered through to the number of people actually moving home, not just listing and transacting.

Of course, this process would have been tricky as a result of the current pandemic. However, there are many out there who wouldn’t have had the luxury of time on their side with regards to their home move.

It’s a testament to the industry as a whole that we’ve been able to pivot and keep people moving despite the huge spikes in demand for properties following the market reopening coupled with the operational hurdles that the pandemic has presented.

I think a lot of home movers will have now realised the importance of good customer service regardless of whether it’s their estate agent, utility providers or anyone else involved in the home moving process.’ 


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