A new set of guest walkers reflect on life experiences as they explore dramatic landscapes with only a 360-degree camera for company in BBC Four’s Winter Walks.

The second series sees familiar faces talk candidly about inner thoughts, emotions and lost loved ones while out for a crisp stroll on different routes across Yorkshire and Cumbria.

It begins with Amanda Owen who reveals what life is really like living and working as a shepherdess, while exploring familiar territory in Wensleydale and Raydale.

Author and broadcaster Alastair Campbell then openly discusses his battle with mental health while walking across the snow-covered hillsides of Ribblesdale.

The series later joins Reverend Kate Bottley who reflects on her faith. The quiet and stillness of Nihal Arthanayake’s walk in Cumbria and then across the border into Lancashire gives him a fresh perspective on work and relationships in the final episode.

Along the way they meet the characters who are familiar with the local terrain. The guest presenters also uncover secret histories, breathtaking views and unwind in the gentle sounds of nature.

Nihal Arthanayake says: “I got a huge amount from this series, perhaps most importantly I learned how important it is to slow down and take things at a gentler pace. It’s amazing what we miss out on when we are rushing around on city time.”

Amanda Owen says: “As a shepherdess and a hill farmer you do not set out on a walk for no reason – so this was an adventure for me. It was amazing to get out and explore some of the countryside on my doorstep.

“It felt so strange and surreal to be out on my own. My life can be quite chaotic with the pressures of the farm, family and sheep, and I did wonder whether I’d be able to switch off but the sheer beauty of the landscape made me put aside the daily grind.”

Alastair Campbell says: “A winter walk in the county of my birth… what’s not to love? Something definitely happens to the mind when you’re walking.

“It’s also remarkable how quickly you get into the feeling that it’s normal to be walking along talking to yourself. It’s almost like interviewing yourself. I did find I opened up with myself much more than I thought I would.”


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