Two nights of horror, all treats, no tricks, invading your home this Halloween.

On the 30th and the 31st Oct, Grimmfest will host movie premieres galore with over four
hours of content on each night. Ticket holders can tune in from 18:00 each evening and
watch the programme at their leisure with the ability to pause, stop and restart the films
across the evening.

On the 30th October, we have two feature film UK premieres: Beast Mode is a bloody and black-hearted satire about the crassness of celebrity culture in Hollywood and boasts an all-cult-star-cast, headed by C. Thomas Howell, James Duval, Ray Wise, and Leslie Easterbrook. It’s also a monster movie!

The uneasy relationship between yoga classmates Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes, Dr Sleep) and Precious Chong quickly turns toxic, in Homewrecker, Zach Gayne’s satiric and surprisingly savage study in social awkwardness, envy, and ultimately physical violence.

Short films include; Heather Langenkamp troubled by night terrors in Cottonmouth (UK Premiere). The perils of parenting explored in Shhhh (English Premiere). Claustrophobic AirB&B horror In The Mirrors (International Premiere), supernatural thriller Abracitos, a cursed family in The Shade (International Premiere) and a waking nightmare, “Home” (World Premiere).

On the 31 st October we have two more feature film premieres: Late night radio DJs Zach Galligan and Corey Taylor swap scary stories, explore unlikely urban myths while offering up a few harsh life lessons in the UK premiere of Bad Candy, a spookily seasonal anthology movie.

An all-girl punk band find themselves kidnapped and forced to fight to the death in a
modern-day gladiatorial arena, in the Northern UK premiere of Spare Parts. Featuring
cartoonishly gory violence and a kickass punk rock soundtrack, it’s a whole barrel-load of
gaudy, bawdy, bad taste fun.

Alongside the main features, there’s a second selection of startling shorts. Disposing of a body proves difficult in Pelican Milkshake. A Mexican woman finds that America is not
the land she was promised, in Re-home. Alienation leads to unexpected liberation, in A Witch Is Born.

A hitwoman demonstrates the difficulties of her job in grisly comedy Green Cobra. And a city woman comes a cropper in the countryside in macabre farce The Doe. All films are UK Premieres.

Two nights of terror. Cinematic treats galore. Bring your own pumpkin pie and toffee
apples for a full Halloween experience.

Find all the details here.

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