The critically acclaimed series, from BAFTA-winning production company Swan Films, has been recommissioned for a third series by Channel 4.

The third series will see contemporary award-winning artist, writer and broadcaster Grayson Perry return to screens from his studio, along with Philippa Perry, the best-selling author, psychotherapist and broadcaster.

Over the past two years Grayson’s Art Club captured the hearts of the nation, when Grayson and Philippa invited the great British public into their studio when the country needed it most.

Armed with a new set of themes, Grayson’s Art Club promises to represent the ever-changing mood of the nation, and once again we will see Grayson in his studio making his own art responding to what has got the nation talking. Grayson will speak with celebrity guests and high-profile artists who’ll share insights into their processes and will feature art made by the great British public. Restrictions provided, Grayson will finally be able to throw open his studio doors and welcome in his celebrity guests and their art.

The six-episode run will see Grayson incorporate weekly themes for members of the public to submit artwork to. Themes and submission information will be made available in early 2022.

On the return of the series, Grayson and Philippa Perry said:

“We’re delighted that we’re opening up the doors to our Art Club again. This show was borne out of a time where we needed art to help us make sense of the changes in our lives and find meaning from what we were collectively going through. In series 3 we’re working on a new set of themes to inspire the nation to make more art to illuminate what we now face, whatever that is, and we’re both very much looking forward to seeing what the British public will create this time around”


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