Pairing tea with food is a rising trend of 2018. And an exciting new revolution is brewing in King Street’s Grafene, they’re partnering with Pure Leaf to launch a new tea and food tasting menu.

Gourmet restaurant Grafene, as partners with Pure Leaf, will be pairing tea with food in a new premium range of expertly crafted and sustainably sourced teas. They’ll be offering guests the chance to try a range of different taste sensations, the contemporary restaurant will offer a unique dining experience rooted in flavour.

Created exclusively for Pure Leaf in collaboration with Grafene’s head chef, Ben Mounsey, and the premium tea brand’s Tea Sommelier, Joyce Muendo, the limited-edition menu will treat food lovers in the heart of Manchester’s city to ‘teatrical’ serving and allow them to try out exciting new flavour combinations, including:

  • Cep, consomme, truffle, shimeji  paired with Pure Leaf Green Tea with Jasmine
  • Scallop, red pepper, dashi, avocado, tomato paried with Prue Leaf Gunpowder Green
  • Veal loin, olive, kohlrabi, short rib paired with Pure Leaf Black Tea with Berries

Ben Mounsey, Head chef at Grafene comments: “As a chef, I’m always looking for fusions that will excite the taste buds, and our dishes are all created with that in mind. Innovation is also at the heart of our cuisine and we’re finding that customers are now looking for alternative food pairings, which is why partnering with Pure Leaf has allowed us to develop creative meals for the palate.”

Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of the UK Tea and Infusions Association, said: “As a nation, we continue to be driven by new foodie experiences, and paired with our increasing passion for the fascinating and versatile flavours tea provides, we predict that the next few years will see a huge emergence of tea and food pairings. As more and more people discover the new ways that tea can be used with food to complement the taste of dishes, it’s an art that looks set to completely change how we think about tea and how we consume it in the future.”

Teetotal Haute Dining in the City Centre

What: Discover the huge array of taste notes that tea can offer with the latest trend on the food scene – pairing tea with food – at contemporary fine dining restaurant, Grafene. It’s new partnership with new premium tea brand Pure Leaf includes a new tasting menu that swaps its usual wine flight with expertly crafted tea pairings.

Where: 6, 55 King Street, Manchester M2 4LQ

When: Until 30th September 2018


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