Wait for a text which will tell you your location meet.Get there at 7.00pm, wait with others.

Ten minutes waiting, watching every move, then another text arrives, telling you to go round the corner and knock on a black door.

Ushered in, you are briefed by undercover agents and given instructions to head to a pub where you are to infiltrate a right wing organisation.

The pub is full, it’s a party atmosphere, you put your bag down and am told in no uncertain terms to move it, you cast your eyes around the room, trying to recognise the person you have to contact.How do you do that? What do you talk about and will you get to meet Mr Big?

No it’s not a journalistic experience infiltration but a play from the magnificent people at Home, a site specific play which asked poignant questions even more relevant today than when it was written on whether it is right to infiltrate and to survey.

Operation Black Antler is a co creation of the interactive art pioneers Blast Theory and site specific productions experts, Hyrdocracker, a sell out at last year’s Brighton Festival, it gives the audience a unique perspective into the murky world of undercover operations

” Rather than tell the audience who sit passively and watch what we think, it gives the audience the chance to make up their own mind” says Jem Wall, the co founder of Hydrocracker”

Now was that guy in the pub an actor or was he part of the audience? Go and find out.

Operation Black Antler runs at Home every night this week until Saturday 17th and you can sign up to be collected between 6.30pm and 8.15


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