Altrincham and Sale West

Graham Brady             Conservative

Geraldine Coggins        Green Party

Iram Kiani                 Independent

Angela Smith             Liberal Democrats

Neil Taylor                 Liberal Party

Andrew Western        Labour Party

Stretford and Urmston

Anna Fryer              Liberal Democrats

Kate Green              Labour Party

Jane Leicester          Green Party

Mussadak Mirza        Conservative

Gary Powell             Brexit Party

Denton and Reddish

Iain Bott                Conservative

Dave Farmin           Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Andrew Gwynne      Labour Party

Dominic Hardwick    Liberal Democrats

Gary Lawson           Green Party

Martin Power           Brexit Party

Ashton under Lyne

Derek Brocklehurst    Brexit Party

Dan Costello          Conservative

Lee Huntbach        Green Party

Angela Rayner      Labour Party

George Rice         Liberal Democrats

Stalybridge and Hyde

Tayub Amjad     Conservative Party

Jamie Dwan   –  Liberal Democrats

John Edge        Liberal Party

Julian Newton    Brexit Party

Jonathan Reynolds  Labour  Party

Julie Wood      Green Party


Isy Imarni            Conservative

Wendy Meikle        Liberal Democrat

Helena Mellish      Green Party

Navendu Mishra    Labour

Lee Montague-Trenchard  Brexit Party

Hazel Grove

Lisa Smart      Liberal Democrats

Tony Wilson    Labour

William Wragg  Conservative


Zahid Chauhan    Labour

Tom Morrison      Liberal Democrats

Mary Robinson    Conservative




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