What happens when four completely different types of photographers shoot the same model? Ripe Photography hosted an exclusive photoshoot in Manchester to find out.

The campaign, ‘Call The Shots‘, saw a photographer from four different photography genres (commercial, music, film and studio) all shoot the same model. The aim was to explore how each type of photographer created their own unique images and how the results differed.

Each photographer utilised a range of techniques to take pictures of the model Natasha, taking into account lighting, colours, scenery and more. Their respective photographs were used to show the difference that edits and individual styles can make in photography.

The photographers gathered by Pipe included Eilis Columb who is a studio photographer working for Nasty Gal in Manchester. Columb experimented with shadows and sunlight filtering through the trees to bring out Natasha’s feminine side. As well as this she incorporated flowers and the natural greenery of the location into her photos.

Next up was photographer and photojournalist Ben Stevenson. Also from Manchester Stevenson utilised a low-angle close-up shot of the model to highlight the importance of self-confidence and belonging within yourself.

Cheshire based freelance portrait and event photographer Edward Whytock selected close-up shots as well but he used a flash effect and reflector to add more light to his photos.

Whytock said: “This was a very diverse shoot, with each of us coming from completely different backgrounds and using our own bespoke equipment to create the images.”

Scarlett Stevens who is based in Birmingham and is a freelance photographer used flowers in the images of Natasha so they resembled a fine art painting.

Stevens added: “I had a brilliant day on the shoot. I got to meet other creatives and bond over the same interests while exploring an area of photography I love!”

You can see the end results of this photoshoot for yourself by checking out the final video here.


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