The first Covid-19 vaccinations in the community have been administered this morning  in Manchester.

Barry Williams from South Manchester was one of the first people to get the vaccine at the Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre in Wythenshawe today.

Barry commented after getting his vaccine: “It’s been quite exciting. There’s a lot going on. It’s fine, really. Glad I’ve got it.

“I try to go shopping at 7.30am every Saturday to get what I need. When I get the second dose in a few weeks it should allow me to do a bit more.

“I have absolute confidence in the medical profession and the scientists that have made it. Hopefully it will keep me alive! Main objective is to avoid getting Covid – like the whole country ought to be trying to do, really.”


  1. If the vacancies work as they say then people won’t catch the virus but even if who ever s had this what happen s if your stood next to someone who’s got the virus and there’s a chance could re catch it its not been tested this way put 2 people together as an Example one with virus and one who’s had vacancies see if the person catches it as a test to make sure it really works on Every one its going to take long time there’s thousands of people to give this to just hope this works developed in Labs we shall see what happens virus vs Labs just telling as it is its bad deadly virus what needs gon forever good Luck


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