Parents looking for ways to entertain the kids in the half term are invited along to Explore Learning centres in Manchester where there will be FREE, fun and interactive workshops for children aged five to 14 on Tuesday 27th October. 

The English and maths tuition provider will be holding maths, arithmetic, problem solving and personalised sessions from 12pm until 4pm in a centre near you!

The schedule is:

Fun with Phonics (ages 5-6) 12pm-1pm

Number Bonds (ages 6-7) 1.30pm- 2.30pm

Problem Solving (ages 8-10) 3pm – 4pm

Personalised Session (ages 5-14) All Day

The free personalised sessions are available for one hour at any time throughout the day. This offers families the opportunity to sit down with an experienced tutor and see how exciting learning can be as well as discuss their individual needs to help them unlock their full potential.

The workshops will be taking place at Explore Learning at Sainsburys in Heaton Park and Eden Square for the Urmston Centre. All children are welcome to come along but places are limited so it is best to book by calling 0161 914 5992 for the Urmston Centre or 0161 669 4839 for the centre in Heaton Park. 


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