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The UK is no stranger to rules and regulations. Regulations, standards, and norms are higher in the UK than virtually anywhere else in the world, with the country being home to a staggering list of official regulatory bodies including Ofsted, Ofcom, CQC, CAA, and ASA, to name just a few.

One UK regulatory body that has been increasingly appearing in headlines in the past couple of years has been the, which was first founded in 2007 to regulate all gambling activity in the country.

As new forms of online casino gaming become more popular than ever, the Gambling Commission is constantly expanding its scope and remit to ensure that people who play real money games in the UK are protected. Read on to find out more about this lesser-known regulatory agency. 

1. Why the Gambling Commission Exists

The Gambling Commission, unlike many other major regulatory bodies in the UK, is a non-departmental body. This means it is not directly operated and staffed by the UK government. Rather, it is sponsored by the UK Department for Culture, Media, and Sport and has a fair amount of independence when it comes to hiring and industry oversight.

The UK Gambling Commission was founded at the insistence of the Blair Government as a way of bringing together regulation for the growing number of real money games that were appearing in the UK. Before this, there were different agencies and local authorities that were responsible for the regulation of land-based casinos, online casinos, lotteries, scratchcards, and more.

The Gambling Commission brings all of these responsibilities under one roof, making gambling regulations easier for consumers and businesses alike to understand.  

2. What the Gambling Commission Does

The Gambling Commission, first and foremost, protects consumers and ensures that they have access to safe, responsible forms of gambling. They provide licenses to online and land-based gambling operators that wish to operate in the UK.

To obtain this license, operators must abide by rigid standards and consumer protection practices. As explained by the casino industry expert site, choosing a licensed UK casino is an important way to ensure that your money and your personal data are safe. Of course, just because a casino is licensed by the Gambling Commission, does not mean it necessarily offers a good service. That is why it is important to do additional research when looking for online casino platforms in the UK, which sites like this offer by ranking and reviewing the best casino operators available.

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3. The Future of the Gambling Commission

One abundantly clear thing is that the Gambling Commission is not going anywhere anytime soon. The GC has consistently grown in size and scope in the 14 years since it was founded. Their GC national HQ now occupies a sprawling office building overlooking Birmingham’s Victoria Square as detailed by, employing around 400 people.

As new gambling technologies continue to be developed and released, the Gambling Commission will need to work overtime to stay on top of developments and ensure that the current regulatory environment is fit for purpose. 

The GC clearly serves an important purpose and helps to keep British consumers safe. It will be interesting to see how this organisation evolves in the years to come. 


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