There is some dream country that everyone wants to settle in. The United Kingdom is one of them. There is no doubt that the UK is the best place for tour, study, and standard living. From the beginning of time, the British empire has built a country that has everything that a man dreams of. However, to get the citizenship of the UK, you have to gain proper knowledge about British citizenship. The citizenship journey is not as hard as we think but there is a guide that you would need to follow. You will find more info on the British citizenship test here. That guide has covered every important detail of your UK green card.

Guide of obtaining British citizenship


To apply for UK citizenship, you have to be eligible. The authority declared some essential checklists of eligibility options. Those are described below.

  • The age limit is 18. So you have to be more than 18 years old.

  • No criminal record.

  • Currently living in the United Kingdom

  • You have to live in Britain for at least 5 years.

  • You have to be good at reading and writing English

  • You have to live in the UK for the last 90 days at the time of submitting the application.

  • You must have EEA nationals if you are from Europe.

Check them to be sure you are eligible.

Apply Process

Now you are sure that you are eligible for a British Citizenship application. So it is time to prepare the citizenship application. There are two types of application procedures. If you are not familiar with British Citizenship applications, you should avoid individual applications.

Because incomplete applications will decline immediately. To solve this problem, there are lots of experienced immigration agencies that will help you to complete the application.

Essential Documents

Without the below-mentioned documents, the application will be incomplete. Let’s find out which documents we will need for the application.

  • A letter from your workplace or place of education or bank statement. That document proves that you are covenant.

  • The document that proves you never broke any immigration law.

  • You will need the right to settle documents. This document ensures that you have the right to stay in the UK.

  • Every travel detail of your outside UK. That document ensures that you do not leave the UK in the last year. And also it ensures that you never spend more than 450 days outside the UK.

  • Documents that ensure that you have a lawful residence for 5 years in the time of living in the UK.

  • The proper document declares that you have an English language certificate from the ESOL or CERF.

  • You will need to attach UK immigration test documents. This citizenship test will only occur once and there you have to be passed.

  • The citizenship application needs plenty of personal documents to verify you. So include a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit ), identity card, IRL visa, or EUSS status documents in your application. If you have additional documents that add them to avoid the decline of the application.

Citizenship Test

The UK citizenship test is really important for immigration applications. In this UK citizenship test, you will have 45 minutes. In that time you will get 24 questions. Those questions will be about the life, history, and culture of the United Kingdom.

The passing percentage of this test is 75%. If you fail to gain 75% then you have to wait for 7 days. After one week you will take the test again.

English Language Test

The application needs to confirm that you have strong English language knowledge. So, you have to pass the English language test. If you choose CERF then you will need to achieve the Level B1 award. On the other hand, you could take the ESOL test to prove your English language capability.

Submit Application

After arranging all the important documents you are now ready to submit your application. There are two ways available to submit your application. You can post them either online or at the post office. Which method you will use depends on you.

In addition, it does not matter which method you are using. You must check and rearrange every document carefully. At the time of submitting an application, you have to pay the application fee. For mainland citizenship, you will need to pay £1300 and £1000 for overseas citizenship.

That is not the end, you will need to pay £25 for processing, £19.20 for an official biometric check, and £ 80 after your application gets approved.


This biometric check is used for identifying yourself. In this check, the authority will take your photograph with fingerprints. However, they will submit your fingerprint in the police criminal database to confirm that you have no criminal record or any info of breaking the law.

This test will occur by officials, so there is no risk of misusing it. This biometric test will cost you £19.20. But you have already paid the fee while submitting the application.

Final Thought

All the information provided at the top is essential for becoming a British citizen. This guide has covered all information related to UK citizenship. Following this guide will help you complete and submit the citizenship application for the United Kingdom.


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