Things are getting curiouser and curiouser in Wonderland… 

Inspired by the iconic Lewis Carroll novel and it’s characters, A Curious Tea Party is the latest play at home game from Escape Hunt, released just in time to keep the whole family busy over half term – you’re invited to join the (tea) party!

By order of the Queen of Hearts, everyone is to attend a Royal Tea Party. But no one can be found! Put your skills to the test and with a couple of friends (and a pinch of imagination) travel across Wonderland and see if you can reunite all of the guests in time for the tea party.

All you’ll need is a printer and a pair of scissors, then your adventure can begin. You can expect puzzles and riddles of all kinds on your journey through Wonderland, meaning that the game truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re waltzing your way through the Palace Ballroom or gardening with the Caterpillar in the Flower Garden, Wonderland is yours to explore – and don’t be surprised if a few familiar faces make an appearance.

A Curious Tea Party is a 1 hour experience suitable for 2 to 6 players aged 8+. The game can be played within households or via video chat so is perfect for friends, family members or colleagues looking to connect and have some fun social-distancing style. Players require a colour printer to play.

Downloads cost £14.99 per game and can be purchased here.


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