Erotic fiction writer Pamela DeMenthe will be launching her latest book ‘eVULVAlution’ at The Lowry on Thu 4 – Fri 5 April.

‘eVULVAlution’ is a time travelling prehistoric novel set in Hull and follows on from Pamela DeMenthe’s previous success with ‘Sticky Digits.’

As part of the launch, the self-published writer will talk about her struggle living up to high expectations and overcoming writers block.

Pamela DeMenthe is the comedy alter-ego of Manchester based actor Jenny May Morgan who is currently a ‘Developed With Artist’ as part of The Lowry’s Artist Development Programme.

Jenny studied at The Arden school of Theatre and presented her first work under the alter-ego, ‘Sticky Digits,’ at Edinburgh Fringe 2017, returning in 2018 to receive 5 star reviews and to be selected as The Times best of the fringe.

Jenny May Morgan said; “I used to work as a voice actor for audio books, some of which were pretty terrible (hilariously so). This sparked an idea. I started writing spoof erotic fiction and committed every literary crime I could think of. I was performing this material regularly and found audiences got the trope pretty quickly.

“I initially performed as myself, but slowly the character of Pamela DeMenthe, the disillusioned self-published erotica author, emerged.” 

Listings Information
Dates: Thu 4 – Fri 5 April.
Times: 8pm
Tickets: £12. Concessions £10.


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