Pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) artist Doddz will be landing in Manchester on Thursday 18th April to present ‘A Different Perspective’ – an exclusive one-night immersive exhibition, showcasing a curated selection of his art.

Known for pushing the boundaries of art with digital innovation, Doddz fuses the digital and physical to redefine the art experience. Evolving the artistic experience past the traditional viewing experience, to an all-encompassing experience that immerses viewers and enables their participation in the art itself.

Celebrated for his ahead-of-the-curve approach, Doddz has created custom works globally for the likes of Drake, Giggs, Krept and worked on campaigns with household brands, such as Dior, Disney, Nike, and Coachella to name a few.

The evening will transport attendees to Doddz’s world, offering an insight into the inner workings of his mind.

The interactive AR experience will weave between themes of positivity, community, sustainability, music and love. Experience an array of artistic mediums, from canvases and fashion that come to life through a lens, to an AR- enhanced Grand Theft Auto-inspired video game and a short animated film, ‘At What Cost?’, which glimpses at the future of storytelling, fusing art, film-making and technology.

An array of interactive canvases explore the theme of Love. With ‘Match Maker’, viewers can play a role in determining the end destination of the piece of art, while ‘The House’ is an experience that can last up to 70 years, seeing the characters grow throughout your lifetime.

The music corner will see works inspired by Mac Millar, Tyler the Creator and freestyle rap. Doddz’s affinity to Manchester after calling the city home for several years, will see him pay homage to the city with tributes to the beloved Feel Good Club and iconic Manchester Bee.

On the announcement of the exhibition, Doddz said:

“I can’t wait to bring the exhibition to Manchester, a city I’m very fond of. In terms of what you can expect, I can best summarise it as a bridging of human emotion and digital innovation that serves to evolve the traditional art experience. The interactive elements add a whole other dimension so I hope my art will speak to a broader audience and encourage those who might not have always been intrigued by art to come along and experience something new!
“The exhibition is an insight into my mind, my world and I hope that my aspiration to present storytelling in an innovative and fresh light shines through.”

‘A Different Perspective’ by Doddz will take place at 26 Lever St, NQ, Manchester on Thursday 18 April. Doors will open at 6:30pm, and the exhibition will run till 9:30pm. Drinks will be served courtesy of PLY with C Drizzy of Aaspire Records performing throughout the evening.


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