Theresa May faces a backlash  after her decision to hold a snap election has backfired

The Prime Minister has announced her intention to go to Buckingham Palace to form a government with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party

After visiting the Queen, she Theresa gave a statement outside Downing Street in which she said she ‘will now form a government’ to ‘provide certainty’ for the country.

Northern Ireland’s DUP leader Arlene Foster says she will enter into talks with the Conservatives

European Council president Donald Tusk has congratulated Theresa May on her reappointment with a letter making it clear that Brexit will happen in March 2019.

The UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has announced that he is standing down with immediate effect.

William Hill now believe that it is unlikely that there will be another General Election in 2017 – offering 2/7 there is not and 5/2 there is. Meanwhile Ruth Davidson is now 4/1 to be named as the next leader of the Conservative party having been 40/1 less than a year ago.

Although the Conservatives are the largest party, they have fallen short of the 326 MPs required to achieve an absolute majority in the House of Commons.

The latest forecast puts the Tories On 319, Lab: 261, Lib Dems:12

Labour are heading for 40 per cent of the vote, up 9.6 per cent on 2015, its biggest increase since 1945.

In a night that no one would have predicted, the Tories lost 26 seats to the Labour Party and five to the Liberal Democrats.

In Greater Manchester, just one seat changed hands, Bury North was one from the Tories by Labour, James Frith beating Tory David Nuttall by more than 4,000 votes.

The Tories have lost seven frontbenchers, with ministers Jane Ellison, Simon Kirby, Gavin Barwell, James Wharton, Nicola Blackwood and Rob Wilson

In Scotland it has been a bad night for the SNP, losing high-profile figures such as the deputy leader, Angus Robertson, and the former leader, Alex Salmond.

Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg lost his seat in Sheffield Hallam, their current leader Tim Farron scraped home while UKIP have disappeared from view.
03:25 Latest betting

Who will be Prime Minister on 16th June 2017: 10/11 Theresa May; 15/8 Jeremy Corbyn; 10/1 Boris Johnson; 20/1 David Davis; 25/1 Philip Hammond;

03:15 Jeremy Corbyn calls on the Prime Minister to resign as he gives his victory speech in his constituency

03:00 Lucy Powell is re elected for Manchester Central

02:50 Results now coming in from Manchester and Salford. Rebecca Long Bailey is returned for Salford and Barbara Keeley for Worsley and Eccles North.

Graham Stringer is returned for Blackley and Broughton while Mike Kane is returned for Wythenshawe and Sale East

02:45 Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg loses his Sheffield Hallam seat to Labour

02:40 Ivan Lewis holds Bury South for Labour and increases his majority to over five thousand

02:35 Tony Lloyd elected in Rochdale Simon Danczuk loses his deposit

02:26 Revised exit poll puts Tories on 322 seats, 4 short of overall majority, Labour on 261 seats.

02:25 Angela Raynor Labour candidate for Failsworth on twitter

“I am glad at last the voters did not listen to the vile smears, lies and innuendo aimed at Labour, the game is up for the hard right media”

02:20 Angus Robertson SNP leader in Westminster loses his seat to the Tories in Moray on a swing of 14%

02:15 Labour gains Bury North from the Tories, James Frith beats Tory David Nuttall by more than 4,000 votes.

02:05 Nigel Farage tells the BBC that he will return to active politics if Brexit deal is threatened

02:00 Tory Minister Jane Ellison is defeated in Battersea, a swing of 10% to Labour and gains Stockton South where minister James Wharton is defeated

01:55 A dramatic gain for the Tories in Scotland as thy take Angus from the SNP

01:45 Culture secretary Justine Greening holds her seat

But her majority is cut considerably from over 10,000 to just over 1,000

01:40 Labour gain the seat of Vale of Clwyd from the Tories in Wales

01:35 Labour candidate for Manchester Central Lucy Powell tweets

“An unbelievable night. Theresa May will surely have to resign. She offered nothing but doom and gloom. Jeremy & Labour offered hope”

01:30 Labour’s Deputy leader Tom Watson re elected in West Bromwich East

He says Theresa May is a damaged Prime Minister

00:15 Jo Platt holds Leigh for Labour while Labour’s Lisa Nandy holds safe Wigan seat with huge majority

The Leigh seat is of course Andy Burnham’s old seat

Meanwhile it looks like it’s going to be a bad night for the SNP in Scotland while Labour holds the first two seats declared in Wales

00:50 Tory target seat of Darlington held by Labour

This seat was a must for the Tories if they were to gain a landslide

00:45 Rumours that Labour have gained two important seats in the SE, Battersea and Croydon North from the Tories

00:40 Two results see slight swings to Labour

Tiny swing to Labour of 0.2% in Tory-held Nuneaton, larger swing of 2.2% in Tory-held Broxbourne.

00:30 Overall turnout in #Salford election 61.6%

That’s 61.12% in Salford and Eccles and 62.09% in Worsley and Eccles South

00:25 Turnout in Rochdale has just been announced as 64.24%

00:17 Manchester councillor Mike Amesbury is said to be confident of winning the Tory held seat of Weaver Vale

00:15 From the Lib Dem press office

“We are getting a lot of calls so just to be clear: No Coalition. No deals.”

00:10 Daniel Hewitt ITV

Lab sources who knocked on doors in Bury today (2 crucial seats there) say responses were ‘dire’. They’re bowled over by exit poll. #GE2017

23:57 First result in from the south of the country Swindon South

Tory win swing to Labour but again not in line with opinion poll projection

23:55 Fourth declaration is in Newcastle East

Labour hold in safe seat but once again better for Tories than exit poll suggests

23:45 Tbird result is declared in Sunderland Central

it’s another safe Labour seat and again Tory vote is greater than exit poll suggested

23.30 Bury North and Bolton West are predicted to be Labour gains in the NW

along with Warrington South, Weaver Vale, South Ribble and High Peak.

23.30 Labour campaign manager and Denton and Reddish candidate

Here’s me and Farmin Lord Dave at the count! #GwynningHere #GrinningHere
23:10 Houghton and Sunderland South declares

It’s a safe Labour seat but it seems the Tories are again doing better than exit poll suggests

23:05 Channel Four’s Michael Crick

“Warning: TV exit polls in 1992 & 2015 showed Tories largest party but short of majority, but they ended up with small majorities both times”

23:00 First result is declared in Newcastle Central

Labour Majority increases by 2,200

10.56 Matthew Parris on ITV:

“So far, this election looks like the revenge of the young on the old.”


NME’s exit poll suggests that if 18-34 year-olds were to solely decide the result of today’s general election, Jeremy Corbyn would be heading to number 10 as the next prime minister. Turnout amongst young people is anticipated to be significantly higher than that seen in 2015’s general election. A total of 56% of young people are thought to have voted, with 53% of 18-24 year-olds and 57% of the 25-34 year-olds surveyed saying they cast a vote.

10.40 Sky News reporter Faisal Islam tweets

“If exit poll is near right PM could be the shortest serving inhabitant of Downing St since Andrew Bonar Law in 1922″ – ”

Former Chancellor and former Tatton MP George Osborne has described the exit poll as “catastrophic”.

10.20 Race is on for the first seat to declare, it’s a NE Derby between Sunderland and Newcastle

Exit poll predicts Tories will be the largest party but no overall majority

Conservative 314

Labour 266

SNP 34

Lib Dem 14

Plaid 3

Green 1


Other 18

9.55 Polls close in five minutes.ITV political reporter Daniel Hewitt tweets

“I’m told by the people at councils that know these things that turnout is significantly up in Manchester and Leeds. #GE2017”

Piers Morgan tweets

“As exit poll looms, I repeat my prediction: Conservatives to win by 90-100 seat majority. #GE17”


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