A new addition to the family is a thrilling time for the new parents. A child’s presence is more than enough to give you the strength to deal with the world anyway, any day. As your kid grows, you will be forced to renovate his or her room a couple of times to make it safe and ideal for the child’s proper development. Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts that should help you be successful every time you do have to make some adjustments and small improvements.  

Don’t Go Full Themed

Going full themed is dangerous if you don’t plan to renovate very often. A kid’s interests change frequently, so the room that is themed might become outdated or even embarrassing for your little one soon. Decorations that you can put up and take down when needed are always a better option than a theme that won’t be interesting for your child in a few months. 

Do Create Different Sections

When planning the renovations, it is best to create different sections of the room itself. This way, it will be easier to clean and manage. A study section, play section, and rest and relaxation section will be a good place to start. Having sections will also make it useful for a child to adapt to a new room and develop properly. If you feel like you don’t have enough space to introduce those sections, you might want to consider bunk beds, and save some room for other activities. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Kids are curious and like vibrant things. Following the grey, black and white trend that is popular at the moment, renovating your kids’ room might not be the ideal course of action. Children love colours, and it is important that they are familiar with positive, warm colours. It will encourage your children’s creativity in the long run. Colourful rugs, sheets, cushions or curtains are an easy and quick way to improve the fun factor and overall look of the room.

Do Choose a Practical Flooring

You might be surprised, but one of the most important decisions during the renovation is what kind of flooring you will go for. Understand that kids are playful and can get messy. Hard surfaces, like wood and vinyl, can be cleaned without any problems. And if you feel the floor will be too cold using these materials, you can always add a fluffy rug or a beanbag to soften the space.

Don’t Dismiss Second-Hand Pieces

As you renovate, you might want to take a closer look at some second-hand pieces for the room. Furniture that can be upgraded, some material that can be converted into a pillowcase or an interesting decoration. It is an opportunity for you to save some money, but also to help save the environment. You might also be able to find some original pieces that no one else will have in their kids’ rooms. 

Renovating a child’s room will be so much easier if you follow our list of do’s and don’ts. Whatever you do, keep your child’s interests at heart and make sure that the room fits with the rest of the house and is as practical and colourful as possible. Good luck!


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