Fearing something new is normal especially if it includes money matters. There are many reasons why you may fear forex trading. The biggest reason you might fear forex trading is the lack of knowledge. When you don’t know much about anything, it is obvious that you might fear it. The unknown can evoke a sense of fear. However, if you wish to excel or make good money, you must defeat your fears to move ahead.  

The question now remains, how one can defeat the fear of forex trading. Let’s help you battle your fears and emerge victorious.  

How To Defeat The Fear Of Forex Trading?

  • Stay Within Budget  

When you first start forex trading, do not overwhelm yourself by going beyond your budget. You may want to hit big in your first go, but that’s not how things work. You need to be mindful of the money you invest in forex trading, and it is always a good idea to start small and test the waters.  

When you first start forex trading, do not risk something that you know you won’t be able to afford for sure. If you want to invest in something, make sure that your lot size is not too big, and you can easily trade it off. If you want to increase the value, you can do that gradually, and that way, you won’t be risking a large amount in a one-off scene.  

  • Take Things Slow  

Sticking all your fingers in the honey is not really a good idea. If you have just started your journey, you should tread carefully and ensure that you take things slow. You must give all your attention to one order in the beginning, and once you get the hang of it you can take on more orders. It is not easy to stay focused on an order, which is why beginners are advised to stick to one order unless and until they excel at them. The smaller number of positions will decrease the risk factor, and that will inevitably bring down fear.  

  • Use A Trading Plan  

The way you want to trade should be clear from day one. The trading plan should be compatible with you and your personality type. If you have your course of action mapped out, you won’t fear the unknown, and that will help you accomplish your goals.   

  • Keep A Journal  

We also fear things that we might have forgotten, which is why it is a good idea for you to keep a journal. Track all the transactions you have made over the time period of your trading journey, and you will be able to know every move you have made, and that will help you stay in touch with all the things that went right or the ones that caused you to lose money. Reviewing your own trends will help you come up with a better course of action.   

  • Test Yourself With A Cent Account  

If you are not in a hurry of hitting it big, you can start your trading journey with a cent account. A cent account can help you test the waters and learn how things work. Fear is directly proportional to risk, and if you remove risk from the equation you have nothing to fear. You can start your cent account with $50. Play the field and see the trends. Once you completely understand the trends, you can invest a larger sum of money.  

  • Don’t Waste Time Thinking  

Fear can be the biggest hindrance between you and success. If you want to be successful in forex trading, there are instances where you cannot waste time thinking. You should take a leap of faith, trust your judgment and just do it. It might be too bold of a decision for your liking, but taking that bold decision might be great for you in the longer run. Sometimes, just wing it and let the trade teach you a thing or two. 

If you want more information on forex trading, you must read up on forex brokers and learn from the pros. They might help bring down your fear levels and teach you the tricks of the trade.  


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