Easter is approaching and having to spend a lot of time at home means we could be decorating our homes. With a little effort, you can furnish your home with Easter decorations. This will help make the house ready for the delights of the holiday, and if you have kids, they will love it.

It appears that Easter is a popular time of the year to get things done, where we Brits spend around £902million on Easter-related activities.

To get started in making your house Easter friendly, here are some ideas to bring Easter alive.

Glitter Easter Eggs

Nothing says Easter like eggs, so why not cover yours in glitter? Simply take a standard egg, remove the inside and then dab on some glue and sprinkle the glitter. A little creativity and patience, and you’ll soon be coming up with amazing designs. They may last until next year too.

Don’t Forget the Rabbits!

March hares are to Brits like the Easter Bunny is the Americans. You can get all kinds of paints, ornaments and novelty items to help you celebrate the rebirth. If you’re stuck for places to find them, there are plenty of Easter goods online, it’s worth searching on Google to find the best ones.

Easter Banners

Decorate the doors in your home with Easter-themed banners to show off some holiday spirit. If you have kids, they will love them. It isn’t just chocolate egg banners; you can have ones featuring bunnies and other memorabilia associated with the holiday.

Jelly Beans!

It sounds nuts, but you can fill a see-through jar or vase with jelly beans. Simply have your flowers in a smaller vase and pour in plenty of jelly beans. You can get creative: add bunnies and other sweet treats on top of the beans.

Bunny Bunting

Bunnies can not only be used as bunting decoration but also they make it clear that it is Easter time! Bunting comes in a range of colours and you can use them for decoration in different rooms.

Easter Plates and Bowls

Sometimes you want something more refined than bunting, so why not go for some egg-shaped bowls and plates? You still show you are committed to the holiday without going all out. Don’t’ forget to pick up some egg cups too. It is Easter, after all.

Easter Bunny Wall Stickers

If you’ve got kids, why not give them a wall where they can use Easter Bunny wall stickers. They will love it, it will keep them entertained, and they can use their creativity and imagination.

Easter is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate so make sure you do it in the right way!


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