Pubs and restaurants around the country face early closing times to slow coronavirus infections according to reports this morning while the North East could be the latest region to face local restrictions.

Bolton already has a 10.00pm curfew in place and reports believe that this could be extended country wide as a means of controlling the spread of the virus

Rhondda Cynon Taf became the second Welsh county to go into lockdown, with people told not to leave or enter the area and pubs ordered to shut at 11pm.

Meanwhile as the testing crisis continues The Telegraph reports that large numbers of people will be refused coronavirus tests even if they have symptoms under Government plans to ration testing if the crisis deepens. 

A prioritisation list drawn up by health officials suggests routine testing would no longer be offered to swathes of the public, with tests restricted to hospital patients, care homes, certain key workers and schools. 

Up to 25,000 teachers in England may already have been forced out of the classroom and into self-isolation at home amid a national shortage of Covid tests just a fortnight after schools reopened, research suggests says the Guardian

With some schools reporting up to a fifth of their teaching staff off and unable to get a test, unions warned the crisis was spinning out of control and jeopardising plans for a full return to education, bringing the risk of “lockdown by default”.

The number of schools to confirm Covid cases across Greater Manchester has now reached 133 says the Manchester Evening News


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