Waltham Forest Council in London have permanently installed two City Trees in Leytonstone.

CityTree is a free-standing outdoor air cleaning system that uses the power of biotechnology to emulate the pollution-reduction benefits of 275 urban trees.

The City Trees, or moss trees, are the world’s first biotech pollution filter and use living plants to filter pollutants from air, creating microenvironments of cleaner air that benefit residents and passers-by.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Waltham Forest Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “Waltham Forest Council has been tackling climate change for over a decade. Installing two City Trees is one of the many measures we are taking to improve air quality in the borough.

“The City Trees are cutting-edge technology with biotech filters, using living plants and different types of mosses to capture toxins and remove pollutants from the surrounding environment to produce clean air. It’s the equivalent of planting 275 trees.


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