As new figures revealed an increase of a third in hate crime reports across the board, with a startling increase in Islamophobic hate crime reporting of 96% over the past year, Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner has  urged all of the communities of Greater Manchester to stand together against hate crime.

There were 297 anti-Semitic hate crimes and incidents recorded between November 2014 and October 2015 an 18% increase, 328 Islamophobic hate crimes and incidents a 96%  increase and 4,592 hate crimes a 33% increase.

It is believed that much of the increase in hate crime reporting has been as a result of partnership working between police, agencies and communities to encourage people to come forward and report, although it is clear that global events over the past 12 months have had an impact on the dramatic increase in Islamophobic reporting.

 Tony said: ““There’s no room for hate crime of any kind in Greater Manchester, whether it is motivated by Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia or against disabled people or those who dress and act differently to others.

 “But right now, in the light of what happened in Paris, it’s more important than ever for everyone in Greater Manchester to stand together against hatred. Whether we are Muslim, Christian, Jew, Sikh or atheist, whether we are male or female, whether or not we are trans, or disabled, or a goth, whether old or young – here in Greater Manchester we rightly take pride in living in a place that is diverse, exciting and cohesive.

 “There are those who seek to divide, but the ties that bind us are stronger than their hate.

“We can be confident that when hate crime happens, as it sadly still does, that it will be taken seriously by police. Greater Manchester’s approach to hate crime is the gold standard; police, working closely with agencies and organisations across our conurbation, have transformed the way in which this dreadful blight is tackled. Working together in partnership, we can all play our part to eradicate hate crime.”


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