Around 80 soldiers from the Earl of Manchester’s regiment proceeded down Foxdenton Lane to the gates of Foxdenton Park to be greeted by Oldham’s deputy Mayor Councillor Javid Iqbal.  Skirmishes were acted out throughout the park during the afternoon by Parliamentarian and Royalist groups before going to battle in the fields behind Foxdenton Hall.

 The event organised by The Sealed Knot Society and the community group Chadderton Together Save Foxdenton Hall campaign coincided with Chadderton Day where traditionally the Prince and Princess of Chadderton are crowned. 

 Rev John Simmons Chair of Chadderton Together Save Foxdenton Hall campaign explained,

“We have certainly been fortunate with the weather which has meant so many local people have been able to enjoy the park at is best.  We want to restore Foxdenton Hall to its former glory so to have it central to the Chadderton Day celebrations helps our dream.  It’s important to for visitors to look back in time to the 17th century to help the community appreciate the building’s history.”

 Host to numerous stalls with refreshments and information the park was also full of displays from the food our ancestors ate to the weapons they carried and the crafts they made their livelihoods from.

 “We feel it is so important to organise events like this for the community,” added Rev Simmons.  My own father grew up on Foxdenton Lane so it holds special memories for me but running community events takes a lot of energy and effort.  Today has been organised by Chadderton Together committee who are just a group of volunteers. We would love to have more volunteers:  if we had more we could run more events and raise more funds and further awareness of our campaign to Save Foxdenton Hall.”

 Michael Lawson, Chair of Chadderton Historical Society explained, “We are very proud of our heritage and our manorial history. It’s great to be here and share our knowledge about the Foxdenton Hall’s history and its owners. The 1642 battle is central to our town’s history so it really is an historical event for all the family to enjoy!”

 The battle was carried out by members of The Sealed Knot, who perform at events all over the country, sometimes with cannons and horses as well as foot soldiers with muskets and pikes


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