Cancer patients being treated at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust will be displaying their artwork at a new exhibition called ‘It’s not about the art’.
The exhibition will take place from 23rd April to 2nd May 2016 at The Old Parsonage in Didsbury. A special preview night will be held on 22nd April.

All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to The Christie charity which funds the art room for patients at the specialist cancer centre. 

The Christie charity works hard to provide specialist staff and supportive services which can help patients through their cancer experience. The art room, based at the main site in Withington, delivers art sessions for patients and carers several times each week. 

The idea was brought about by artist in residence, Pat Mountford, who is fully funded by The Christie charity and who runs the sessions which provide a space to explore creativity away from the daily pressures of life including living with cancer. 

Pat said; “I believe every hospital should have an art room. When a patient walks through the doors often they can be dealing with lots of difficult situations besides the illness. This can leave a person feeling frightened, very vulnerable and lacking in confidence. Sitting in the art room, meeting people in a similar situation, forgetting about everything else, doing something creative that you didn’t know you could do is incredibly empowering.

Shamim Chaudhry, 57, from Stockport, an ovarian cancer patient at The Christie, said; “I would never have believed that when I came to the clinic here at The Christie, that I would be painting, I had never done anything creative before.

“From the beginning I have felt sheer joy from coming to the art class, a place where I feel safe at a time when I have felt so vulnerable. When I am in the art room I feel emotionally supported and nurtured.


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