Choosing the Perfect Occasion Dresses for Any Event


There are few things more exciting than a black tie invitation landing on your door mat. But after that initial excitement comes something else – panic. What will you wear?!

If you want to wow in the perfect occasion dress it can be hard to know where to start. But fear not, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the perfect special occasion dress, no matter where you’re going.

Shop Seasonally

The best time of year to buy a summer dress is during the summer months, and the best time to pick up a heavy sequined dress is in the winter. You’ll have the widest range of formal wear options available if you shop at the right time of year for the dress you need.

Most stores will have their summer collections in stock from the beginning of the year, so you should have plenty of time to find the dress you need. Left it too late to shop seasonally? Don’t worry! Online shops such as SilkFred are perfect for choosing high-fashion pieces for every occasion, no matter what the time of year.

Consider Every Angle

Ava: Off the shoulder | dress/blue
Ava: Off the shoulder | dress/blue

Most of us look at ourselves front-on in the mirror before leaving the house, but how does your dress look from the back and sides? It’s important to think about how your dress looks from every angle, particularly from the back.

If you really want to make a statement, why not consider choosing a dress with show-stopping detailing at the back? This will add drama to your outfit, and will make your departure just as memorable as your arrival.

Think About Your Body Shape

The perfect occasion dress is one that will showcase your assets, highlight your best features, and make you instantly forget about any body parts you’re less confident about. Keep your body shape in mind when you’re dress shopping, and forget about trends. Choose a dress that suits your figure, not one that looks good on the cover of Vogue:

  • If you’re long and lean then you’ll look great in a figure-hugging dress. This will show off your long legs and slim hips.
  •  If you have an hourglass shape then look for a dress that will draw attention to your waist and your bust, helping you make the most of your figure.
  • Apple or pear shaped? Look for a dress with clever panels to bring your body back into proportion. Strapless or sleeveless dresses are a great choice to showcase your slender arms.

Be Brave With Colour

A black tie invitation is the perfect excuse to experiment with colours out of your comfort zone. Blue off the shoulder dress from SilkFred

Bold jewel shades, such as emerald green and royal blue, are flattering on almost every skin tone. They also look luxe, elegant and expensive. Vibrant colours will make sure you stand out in a sea of black dresses, and steal the show for all the right reasons.


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