Despite the soggy summers and worrisome winters we often experience here in the UK, we can reveal that it’s actually Europe’s number one hotspot for caravanners and motorhomers.

A study by Safeguard Insurance shows that caravanners and motorhomers love nothing more than fish and chips overlooking the English Riviera, or hiking around one of our many national parks.

Sweden comes in at second place, thanks to its appealing mix of lakeside locations, coastal hideaways, and culture-filled cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg.

France rounds out the top three, which is perhaps unsurprising given its proximity to the rest of mainland Europe, not to mention its enchanting countryside and gastronomic delights!

They analysed the number of caravan and camping sites across Europe, the total number of nights spent there, the number of trips taken, the amount spent on renting sites, and the number of new touring and motor caravan registrations per 100,000 residents, to uncover Europe’s top caravan hotspots.

The UK spent £4.3 million on renting sites in 2017 and there were over 11 million nights were spent on UK caravan/camping sites in 2017 and over 11 million domestic trips were taken.

Over 24,000 new touring caravans were registered in the UK in 2017, and just over 14,000 motor caravans were registered.


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