Fears of contracting Coronavirus have seen Brits putting off both routine and serious health tests and screenings as the nation has chosen to stay indoors amid the pandemic.

Doctors at Pall Mall Medical compared 2019 patient data with that from when the lockdown began and found a vast reduction in uptake of tests and screenings. Most surprisingly of all, considering Covid-19 impacts the lungs, they found there was an 81% decline in patients reporting coughs, wheezing and breathing concerns.

The doctors also reported a 92% decrease in women undertaking smear tests, seeing over three quarters fewer patients with bowel and colon problems (76%), 74% fewer men seeking help with erectile dysfunction, testosterone testing and other men’s health screenings and a 67% slide in GP appointments for children.

It is thought a fear of visiting medical practices and worries about leaving the home during the Covid-19 national lockdown may be behind these massive decreases in routine tests and screenings for serious conditions, including cervical and prostate cancer.

“Though we are facing unprecedented times, Brits shouldn’t be scared of a trip to the doctors. Medical professionals are the best equipped to deal with some of the issues surrounding Covid-19, like the need to be in sterile environments, and GP surgeries across the country will be undergoing strict deep cleaning routines and social distancing rules.

Though it is understandable that people may be fearful of contracting Covid-19 and would rather stay at home to protect themselves and stop the virus spreading, a GP appointment should be an exception to this rule. Although you may believe you are doing what’s best for your health by avoiding public situations, ignoring health concerns may be doing you much more harm than good.

If you’re still concerned about a trip to the doctors or are self-shielding and unable to leave the house, Pall Mall Medical offer private appointments with GPs and Consultants via telephone and video call.”

(Dr. Chun Tang, GP at Pall Mall Medical)

You can book an appointment at Pall Mall Medical by calling 0330 058 4455. Or for more information click here.


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