Britain’s national equality body has opened a statutory inquiry into racial inequality of ethnic minority workers in lower paid roles in health and social care.

In its terms of reference, the Equality and Human Rights Commission says it will examine the experiences of workers from a range of ethnic minorities employed in lower-paid roles within the health and social care sectors across England, Scotland and Wales.

It will also look at pre-existing work-related factors, such as workplace conditions, policies and training that may have contributed to their risk of COVID-19.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, Chief Executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said:

“The pandemic has exposed racial inequality across the country. We know that ethnic minority groups are over-represented in lower-paid roles and the effect of the pandemic on those working in these jobs in health and social care is a life and death issue.

“We need to understand the structural issues which have left people from a range of ethnic minorities at greater risk. This inquiry will help to answer those questions and make recommendations that can be applied to a number of other working environments where ethnic minorities are over-represented at the lowest paid levels.

“This includes those on the frontline who have been supporting all of us through the immense challenges we have faced this year.


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