Latest research from Vodafone and Spotify reveals that brass band music is the genre of choice among Manchester’s commuters.

The top three songs streamed during the daily commute are all brassy belters.

To avoid getting brassed off on their way to and from work, Manchester’s commuters are blowing hot for Bulletproof by New Sense Brass (No 1), Harmoinium by Richard Rock (No 2) and No Woman No Cry by News Sense Brass and Richard Rock.

And, when it comes to the top artists during the morning commute, three of the top five are brassies: The Fairey Band (No 2), Richard Rock (No 3) and New Sense Brass (No 5), all of whom are based in Manchester.

With Brits spending on average 10,634 hours of their working life getting to and from the office, it’s no surprise that Mancunians are hoping to avoid any bum notes by streaming upbeat brass band music via Spotify on their 4G Vodafone phone.

Data from Vodafone’s 4G customers in Manchester, analysed during September 2014, indicates that alongside the much-loved brass bands, David Guetta and Oasis are other favourites among the city’s commuters.
UK wide, popular artists streamed during the daily commute (both to and from work) included Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande.

Interestingly, All About That Bass, by Meghan Trainor, was more popular on the way home than on the way into work, receiving 35,625 streams compared to 21,959.

The UK’s most listened to artists during commuting hours are:
1. Ed Sheeran
2. Sam Smith
3. Calvin Harris
4. Chris Brown
5. Ariana Grande
6. alt-J
7. Eminem
8. Maroon 5
9. Coldplay
10. Arctic Monkeys


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