Following the recent launch of first Oxford site, Black Sheep Coffee, the specialist independent coffee shop group best known for its cafes, kiosks and cocktail bars, have opened a brand new site at Manchester’s Gateway House.

The site is the fourth addition to Black Sheep Coffee’s presence in Manchester, joining its existing venues located in Piccadilly Place, Spring Gardens and Deansgate, Manchester. Fully equipped with an open upper floor space and an external balcony, the new venue is perfect for private event hire.

Black Sheep Coffee will also be running their coffee and cocktails masterclasses in Manchester. All enquiries can be made through the website. In addition to this, the pre-order function through the Black Sheep Coffee app will be available, bringing convenience to coffee drinkers.

Gabriel Shohet and Eirik Holth, co-founders of Black Sheep Coffee aim to challenge the current establishments with their approach to the coffee industry. Renowned for its unique beans, sustainability initiatives and Free Coffee Board initiative, Black Sheep Coffee will continue their mission to rid the world of average tasting coffee whilst giving back to their community.

Having brought the first speciality grade Robusta coffee to the UK market, Black Sheep Coffee will be hosting its resident Robusta coffee bean, which has double the amount of caffeine to help coffee-lovers be their best throughout the day.

The Manchester site will additionally have four different types of speciality grade bean including the limited-edition Bossa Nova which originates from the Cachoeira farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Bossa Nova beans are harvested from June through to August and have decadent tasting notes of chocolate, fig, dark rum and vanilla. With a light roast profile, the naturally fermented beans promise to bring Black Sheep Coffee’s original and distinctive taste. The Manchester site will also be home to a new range of organic smoothies and shakes including Mango and Ginger and Berry Protein.

The new Manchester site also offers Black Sheep Coffee’s newly launched turmeric latte, which is in addition to the latte family that has quickly become a Winter staple. A delicious alternative to coffee, the turmeric latte is a unique yet delicious combination of oat milk and juiced turmeric root that has its own massive cult followers including Black Sheep Coffee’s loyal customers. Additionally, turmeric and ginger with a touch of cinnamon makes Black Sheep Coffee’s latest addition become the perfect winter pick-me-up.


“We are delighted to be opening the first site in Oxford. This new opening showcases the exciting expansion of the Black Sheep Coffee family.” (Gabriel Shohet and Eirik Holth, Co-founders of Black Sheep Coffee)


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