Colour Catcher, the number one laundry sheet in the UK, launches Colour Catcher + Hygienic Cleanliness Laundry Sachet – a completely new laundry product. Hitting shelves from March, this new sachet will help solve the consumer demand for hygiene products as a result of Covid-19, while also helping save time, energy and money. 

Colour Catcher + Hygienic Cleanliness protects clothes against colour run accidents and provides a thorough deep clean. Each box contains 10 sachets, which are made of 100% natural fibres and are biodegradable. The surface of the sachets acts as a magnet and traps coloured dye that bleeds out of fabrics during the wash cycle, so clothes of all colours can be safely combined into one load: saving energy and reducing household electricity bills.

The powder in the sachets provides hygienic cleanliness through stain removal properties that deliver a deeper clean than using detergent alone. Like the original Colour Catcher sheets, the new product also prevents issues unseen to the eye, such as greying (which occurs due to the accumulation of grime) and colour brightness (helping clothes  stay bright by collecting excess dye from the water).

Rachel Ferreira, spokesperson from Colour Catcher, comments: “Colour Catcher has been protecting against colour runs for over 20 years, helping people mix their lights and darks in one wash. We launched the Colour Catcher + Hygienic Cleanliness Laundry Sachet after research showed that 85% of people in the UK separate their laundry loads to avoid colour runs and that hygiene has become an even higher priority during the pandemic.” 

The product is easy to use: just place the sachet into the washing machine drum, add laundry detergent and clothes as normal, and start the wash cycle. Once complete, both the used sachets and product packaging can be widely recycled in paper recycling. 

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