Two works of art by LS Lowry, gifted by him to his teacher at Salford School of Art, have gone on display at The Lowry for the very first time.

The family of Percy Warburton have agreed to loan the work – a pencil drawing entitled ‘The Railway Steps’, ‘Ramsbottom 1945’ and a watercolour known simply as ‘Figure Study with Dogs’ – to the Salford arts venue for one year.

Percy taught the then 28-year old Lowry at evening classes from 1919 and kept in touch with his famous pupil throughout his life. Lowry would often stay with him and the pair would go out sketching together.

On his death in 1971, his son inherited the work and the family has now decided the time has come to share their prized possession with fellow admirers of Lowry’s work.

Claire Stewart, curator of The Lowry Collection at The Lowry, said: “We were very excited to hear from the family. Lowry worked hard to perfect his craft and he had a great respect for his teachers. Percy Warburton especially became a close personal friend of the artist over the years.

“Lowry did sometimes give work to friends– so it’s not unknown for pictures like these to come to light. We’re delighted to add them to our permanent display for the first time and are very grateful to the family for sharing their piece of Lowry history with us.”

A spokesperson for the family of Percy Warburton said: “Percy was very proud of Lowry’s success – and it was a real treat to have a piece of his work to share with friends and family at his home. The family is very happy the artwork will now be seen by Lowry fans from around the country.”


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