Liz McInnes becomes the fifth Greater Manchester MP to return to Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet as the member for Heywood and Middleton accepted his offer to become shadow foreign minister,

McInnes supported Owen Smith as leader in the recent leadership election and writing on her website after the vote in no confidence in Corbyn took place, said she was amazed that after such an overwhelming verdict by her fellow MP’s, he did not stand down.

However McInnes herself was, to be fair, quite vocal in opposing the vote of no confidence and was one of the small number of MP’s to back her leader.

Replying to criticism on Twitter that she had become a turncoat she said

“Au contraire. Jeremy and I offered each other olive branches which were accepted in the prevailing spirit of unity. Thank you.”

She joins Andrew Gwynne, Barbara Keeley, Mike Kane and Jonathan Reynolds in returning to the shadow front bench


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