With the Covid-19 pandemic causing the entire country to go into a state of lockdown, opportunities for exercise and keeping fit have become dramatically reduced. With no gyms or sports centres to visit, and only one opportunity to leave the house to exercise per day, many of us are now choosing to stay active at home instead. Keeping active and healthy is a vital part of fighting off the lockdown blues and also helps the days go by quicker too. While it might be tempting to use all your free time staying on the sofa to binge watch the 50 best shows on Netflix right now, such as Peaky Blinders and The Witcher, it’s also best to get some fresh air outside too. 

Take your workout routine outside

Whilst exercising in front of the TV is all well and good, nothing beats getting a bit of fresh air. While we all have to stay home when we can, the garden has become one of the most important parts of many households so that people can stay fit and healthy without leaving their home. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, why not take your usual exercise routine outside? Whether you are in lockdown by yourself or with others, there are many at-home workouts that you can get involved in in your own garden space. Whether you have a small or big garden you can enjoy circuit routines, yoga workouts, or strength training in your garden. 

Participate in some team games with the rest of your household

If you are looking for ways to keep the whole household entertained at home, then team games can keep you all active and healthy! Online retailers such as Land Warrior Airsoft stock Nerf blasters and accessories that are perfect for outdoor team games. Nerf battles not only keep you physically active outdoors but they are also fun team bonding exercises too. Other games such as tag are not only fast-moving and physical but are also good for hand-eye coordination skills that get the brain working too. 

Do some gardening to stay active

If fast paced games are not for you, then there are plenty of other more calming activities that you can get involved in instead. Gardening is one light outdoor activity that people of all ages can enjoy when the weather is nice outside. There are also many ways that you can get the kids involved too! The BBC has some great gardening ideas for kids to try such as growing fruit & veg, making DIY bird feeders, or doing some rock painting. 

Keep the kids entertained with some outdoor activities

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, there are any number of games which can be played outdoors to help keep children active and moving. A lot of games that kids would usually play in a school playground can be played at home such as piggy-in-the-middle, skipping, and hula-hooping. Even if children don’t want to run about the garden, they can also take their indoor toys outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Setting out a blanket area in the garden or a camping tent can mean they can sit outside and play with Lego, read books, or play with other toys.

Play some of your favourite sports

While it is beneficial to create household harmony during lockdown such as giving each other space, it’s also important to have fun together too. Lots of sports are perfect for back garden play such as cricket, tennis, and football – just make sure you don’t lose the ball over the garden fence! Football requires minimal equipment as you only need a ball to play. You can play with others in a mini-match or penalty shootouts for some garden fun. If you don’t have anyone else to play with, then you can also use the alone time to practise your ball skills or learn some new ones!


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