The results of a YouGov survey commissioned by the Ramblers Association have revealed that thirty three per cent of people in the North West would not consider walking for more than twenty minutes when planning a journey.

The survey, which comes as the Ramblers are running their short walks week, also discovered that only thirty eight per cent of adults surveyed in the North West are walking more than the recommended amount, and, worryingly, more than a quarter of people, (28%), are only walking, on average, for an hour or less per week.

With such shocking results, the Ramblers are calling for people to park their cars and get out more on foot.

Benedict Southworth, chief executive of the Ramblers, said: “Walking is such an easy way for people to meet the recommended guidelines of getting 150 minutes of exercise per week, so it’s really worrying that inactivity levels are so high.

“During Get Walking Week we are asking people in the North West to think about how they can walk more. Making short journeys on foot is an easy way to incorporate physical activity into everyday life – rather than automatically jumping in the car or on the bus, use your feet instead.

“To help people take their first steps we are offering hundreds of free short walks during Get Walking Week. You don’t need any special equipment to join in, so why not find a walk near you and walk towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

Ramblers groups will be leading walks across Great Britain for everyone to enjoy and Walking for Health, England’s largest network of health walk schemes, run by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support, will also be inviting people to walk, to help them get walking and keep walking.

For more information about Get Walking Week, please visit

photo credit Mark Treacey


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