Keen observers of the continued redevelopment of Manchester may have spotted a new website that has appeared which has begun to showcase the plans for the Granada building on Quay Street. set up by Allied London who last year signed a development partnership with Manchester City Council, to develop ITV’s 13.5 acre Quay Street complex in Manchester City Centre at the cost off 26.5m.

Their vision, as they say

to promote the creation of a completely new mixed-use quarter for Manchester City Centre, at the River Irwell, bounded by Quay Street and Liverpool Road, and produce a masterplan that integrates the established areas within the site with proposed new development. This area of the city is rich in heritage, history and character, and we intend to make sure this makes a valuable contribution to our thinking on design and development. We will seek to protect the heritage assets and ensure this whole area is developed in a holistic and sensitive way.

is laid out in a little more detail here and includes 20,000 sq.ft of workspace available for ‘professionals to experience a new way of working, bringing to life the excitement within a career ‘

“We’re excited to bring a new lease of life to the development and revamp the area into a creative hub, full of new opportunities for all”, they tell us in their marketing information.

Along with retail facilities, markets, pop up shops, recording studios, a two hundred and fifty seat cinema, restaurants and car parking.

They will also be allowing the public to walk round the Corrie set for six months from April until October 2014.


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