Professional services firms KPMG and PwC have offered their help to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund for free.

The firms, which both have offices in Manchester, will assist the charity by providing auditing services and tax advice. This will ensure donors’ money can be used effectively for the greatest benefit of those affected by the attack.

Siddiq Musa, Partner at KPMG in the UK said: “The tragic events at the Manchester Arena on 22 May shocked all of us at KPMG.

“After we learned about what had happened, we started to think about how we could help. Many of our staff in Manchester know people who were affected by the attack, and across the UK our firm is full of people from different backgrounds, working together side-by-side, so this is an issue very close to our hearts.

“We are pleased to be able to lend our support to such a worthy cause. It is important that we all do our bit to support the victims and their families, and do what we can to make sure something positive may come from such an appalling act.”

Iwan Griffiths, PwC’s regional chair for the North West, said: “PwC is proud to be appointed auditor of the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and happy to do so for no charge. We want to help ensure as much of the money raised goes to help those impacted by the sad events of May. It’s important to our people that we play our part and do the right thing for the city and community that we all love and are proud to call our home.”

Cllr Sue Murphy chair of trustees at the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund said: “On behalf of the Fund I’d like to thank KPMG and PwC for offering their services and support. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the public we have raised a large amount of money. With KPMG and PwC’s advice and expertise we will be able to ensure that it can be used for the maximum benefit of those who were affected by the attack.”

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, launched by Manchester City Council and British Red Cross and supported by Manchester Evening News, has raised £12m for people who have been injured or bereaved as a result of the attack at the Manchester Arena.

Trustees from the newly created We Love Manchester Emergency Fund charity have released a further £3m from the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. Early payments totalling £1m were released at the beginning of June. The next round of initial gifts will see bereaved families and those who were in hospital for more than seven days receive a payment of £50,000.

The early funds will be released as a gift payments, meaning that there will be no conditions on how the recipients spend the money to support them and their loved ones through the immediate aftermath of the atrocity.

Trustees are also looking into ways to ensure that the remainder of the money goes to those who need it and will continue to meet fortnightly to monitor progress.



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