The Lonely Arts Club is building a creative community with a conscience in aid of MIND charity.

Saturday 14th December will see the first in a series of charity events by Lonely Arts Club to cultivate community through creative practice and platforms to ignite a conversation about the epidemic that loneliness has become.

Located at Bistrotheque’s new Northern venture CULTUREPLEX, the event will be from 11:00 and is free admission with a suggested donation to their chosen charity MIND.

The loneliness epidemic is a focal point of conversation right now, and Lonely Arts Club acknowledges the need of a space for connection that welcomes all and provides a community for those in need of an alternative to isolation. Simultaneously coming together with a conscience raising funds for the mental health charity MIND.

The debut event includes a sample sale with generous donations from the fashion cupboards of Dazed & Confused, books from BARON press and designers including Liam Hodges, Jimmy Choo, and much more.

Lonely Arts Club has rallied up a stellar line up of creative talent to host an open panel discussion at the event. The panel is composed of Sophie Benson, Writer, Lecturer and sustainable stylist; Kensang Ball, Co-founder of community travel movement TRIPPIN’; Kaye Dunnings, Creative Director of Shangri-La; and Hannah Ewens, author of Fangirls, Writer and Editor at VICE.

Lucy-Isobel Bonner, the founder of Lonely Arts Club, speaks of the launch, “When working in solitude, professional and personal support systems are often overlooked. Start-up culture has created a generation of fluid freelancers making the Creative Industries more energetic than ever, but at what cost? We want our panel to show how we can create a community through each individual’s creative practice and platforms. It’s so important to have an open conversation and truthful, considerable debate in the cancel culture that we currently live in.”

The event will be the first of a charity series by Lonely Arts Club at CULTUREPLEX. It is open to each and everyone within the Creative Industries and invites them to come together, share ideas, and connect, on a fine Saturday morning in the city. Do not be lonely, join in!

CULTUREPLEX is located at Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2TP and you may book tickets to the event through Eventbrite here.


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