For decades, billboards have been a go-to marketing channel for United Kingdom-based brands seeking broad awareness. With their roadside visibility before countless eyeballs, billboards enable advertisers to make a bold impression. However, in today’s crowded marketplace, simply erecting a billboard doesn’t guarantee impact or returns.

To make the most of your billboard advertising budget and marketing efforts, you need effective strategies that capture attention and drive results. Luckily, this post will explore nine billboard advertising strategies to help you maximise your billboard marketing budget return-on-investment (ROI).

When To Use Billboards

Have you ever thought about who can use billboards? Billboards, when used correctly, can be an excellent way to advertise for many types of businesses amidst the sea of multiple digital marketing channels.

For example, if a store is opening a new branch, they can use billboards to tell people about it and get more customers to visit. Big brands that want many people to know about them can use billboards as well.

Restaurants, hotels, and places with special events can use billboards to tell people about them. Even small local businesses can use them to let people in the area know about what they offer. 

If you plan it well, erecting billboards can help brands and businesses get more attention. Their bold, eye-catching nature makes them ideal for key marketing campaigns aimed at broad exposure.

Billboard Advertising Strategies You Should Know About

To get the most out of your investment in a billboard, here are some advertising strategies:

  • Know Your Audience

A successful advertising campaign depends on having a good understanding of your target audience. Before designing your billboard, conduct market research to identify your potential customers’ demographics, interests, and behaviours. Then, tailor your message and visuals to resonate with this specific audience for a higher ROI.

  • Choose Strategic Billboard Placement Locations

Selecting the suitable locations for your billboards is crucial. Opt for high-traffic areas where your target audience will likely pass by frequently. Additionally, consider proximity to your business or products to increase the likelihood of conversions from customers.

  • Allocate Appropriate Budget 

Strategically allocating budget across location, size, and visibility factors can optimise billboard performance. When deciding spending distribution, prioritise high-traffic premium sites visible to mass impressions despite their higher cost. 

For example, a large billboard ad on a major highway near England’s Manchester may cost £1,500 per month but can deliver over 70,000 weekly impressions. Also, consider extending its visibility from 4-8 weeks or longer for maximised results.

Although pricier, the higher billboard ads costs in Manchester ensure your message permeates the widest audience and offers the most potential impressions per dollar. Extending presence through multi-month durations can substantially boost total impressions.

  • Create Eye-Catching Designs

Billboards need to grab attention quickly. Utilise bold colours, compelling visuals, and concise yet impactful messaging. Ensure your design is easy to read from a distance and avoid clutter that overwhelms viewers. 

Remember: a visually appealing billboard will likely leave a lasting impression on your marketing campaign and your whole brand.

  • Use A Memorable Call-To-Action (CTA)

A clear and compelling CTA can significantly affect your billboard’s effectiveness. Encourage people to do something specific, like going to your website, calling a number, or coming to your store. Make it easy to remember so more people will actually do it. This can help you get more people to become customers.

  • Partner With Local Event Organisers And Businesses

Collaborate with local events or nearby businesses to increase exposure and ROI. Co-branding or cross-promotion can expand your reach and target a broader audience while sharing costs. Building relationships within the community can enhance the effectiveness of your billboard advertising.

  • Utilise Digital Billboards

Digital billboards offer dynamic content options, allowing you to display multiple messages and updates. You can easily change things when needed, like for special deals or times of the year. Digital billboards can be a cost-effective way to increase ROI through targeted messaging.

  • Rotate And Refresh Content

Billboards with static content can become less effective as people become accustomed to them. Consider rotating or refreshing your billboard content periodically to maintain viewer interest and engagement. 

Based on the content of the season, timely and themed ads help connect with consumers excited by and shopping for seasonal offers or activities.

  • Implement Quick Response (QR) Codes And Digital Integration

QR codes on your billboard can bridge the gap between offline and online marketing. Viewers can quickly scan the code with smartphones to access more information, discounts, or special offers. This digital integration can boost your ROI by providing immediate engagement opportunities.

In Conclusion

In today’s competitive landscape, billboards remain a powerful advertising medium, given their broad reach. Nonetheless, to maximise their impact, brands must advertise strategically based on audience insights, optimal placement, compelling creativity, and clear calls to action. 

Savvy marketers can harness billboards by embracing digital capabilities, frequently refreshing content, and integrating complementary digital channels to leave a lasting brand impression and drive strong returns. 

Remember: when executed effectively, billboards’ high visibility provides an essential boost for critical marketing campaigns.


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