Image Credit Tom Dymond © 2023

As soon as dusk falls, pedestrians heading through Manchester will have their journey home lit up by EE’s new Stay Connected billboards. Live from 8pm to 3am each night until British Summertime resumes, this one-of-a-kind advertising campaign uses real-time data to provide useful travel updates to help people make their way home at night.

Home to one of Europe’s largest student populations, Manchester will see a series of 42 smart billboards and street projections introduced to its most popular nightlife locations and student hubs, providing local travel information to help people plot their route as darkness falls.

The campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi London and hosted on Ocean Outdoor billboards, demonstrates the power of EE Stay Connected Data which keeps people connected even when they reach their monthly data limit. It will run until mid-March, when the clocks will go forward, spelling longer days and lighter evenings.

Image Credit Tom Dymond © 2023

The innovative smart billboards provide live travel updates for the local area, from taxi waiting times to information on the next trains, trams and buses from nearby stations. The billboards which illuminate when people approach them to make dark spaces feel safer, also utilise the latest augmented reality technology with light up arrows against the backdrop of the location, directing people to the closest train station, bus stop or taxi rank. EE has also worked with local bodies to integrate the screens into Manchester’s transport network.

EE’s Stay Connected at night campaign also provides street projections, with travel information overlaid onto pavements outside nightlife venues and other popular areas in Manchester city centre. These are supported by nearby public charging points to help any students that have run out of juice on their smartphones, and geo-targeted travel tips on social media via Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at EE, added: “This campaign is a brilliant example of how our Stay Connected Data can play an important role in our customers’ lives. We’re excited to be using cutting edge advertising technology in a new and creative way to demonstrate how EE keeps customers connected when they need it the most.”

Image Credit Tom Dymond © 2023

EE’s Stay Connected at night campaign is inspired by the Women’s Night-time Safety Charter, a scheme launched by Manchester City Council late last year to rally businesses to help make the city safer for those in the night-time economy.

Stay Connected Data means EE customers can make the most of unlimited backup data on essential apps when they reach their monthly data allowance. For more information on EE Stay Connected Data, click HERE.


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