The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that bus services are benefiting from the Government’s decision to scrap the northern leg of HS2, as he visited a depot in Harrogate this morning

“Every penny from HS2 in the North, almost £20 billion, is going to stay in the North.” he told reporters adding

“We’re here at a bus depot, which is benefiting from the £2 bus fare that we were able to put in place as a result of the reprioritisation.

However asked by an ITV reporter about Andy Burnham and Andy Street’s attempt to reinvigorate the cancelled Trainline with the help of private investment, the Prime Minister appeared confused thinking that the question was referring to the route between Manchester and Liverpool which he said had been safeguarded by saving millions of pounds on the High Speed route

Mr Sunak was shown around the latest electric buses, before speaking to apprentice bus drivers and engineers.

The Harrogate Bus Company is owned by French firm Transdev. Last year it placed orders worth £21 million for 39 new buses.


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