Academic writing is mandatory for students since they have to complete various writing assignments in their course programs. Higher education institutions usually have various evaluation tests each semester to gauge the students’ performance. While essay writing is an essential skill, not every student understands the process of composing an A grade essay. It is quite demanding since it takes time and effort to research and long writing hours to complete an essay. Writing academic papers is simple for some students, but it requires regular practice to compose a good paper for others. 

Once you perfect your essay writing skills, you can use the same concepts to compose other academic papers. Whether it is a term paper or a dissertation, you will have the technique to attain an exceptional essay. However, if you get stuck, and think to buy an essay at EssayWritingService, you can always count on professional assistance from an expert who will help you compose an excellent paper.

This article aims to help you understand the essay writing process and the essential steps to craft an A grade essay:


Understand the Essay Question

The first step to writing an excellent paper is understanding the essay question. Misinterpreting an essay prompt is a huge mistake that can result in low grades. Ensure you understand what your tutor is asking you to write. Is it an analysis? Compare and contrast essay? Critical evaluation? Read the question carefully to identify particular phrases that will guide you during writing.

For instance, critical evaluation of a particular subject requires a thorough analysis while incorporating other opposing arguments. Find out the positives and negatives of each approach and demonstrate your perspective. You must also include solutions for the issue or recommendations for improvement.

Therefore, an in-depth understanding of the essay question will guide you in  writing a research paper.

Planning and Scheduling

Most students are caught up in the last-minute rush to complete essays when the deadline is almost elapsing. Time management is a critical factor in essay writing; it does not matter if you are an undergraduate or a master’s student. Writing a persuasive paper requires adequate planning and scheduling to avoid stressful nights at the school library and submitting sub-standard papers to your professor. If you want to get an outstanding grade, planning must be a priority after understanding the essay question. Have a timeline for each writing process and set realistic deadlines that will give you ample time to research, write and proofread without pressure. You must have time to study and time to complete your essay to avoid compromising your routine. 

Extensive Research

Though you might think that writing is the primary assignment, research is also critical in building your academic paper. Ensure you conduct thorough research to collect relevant information that supports your arguments. A skilled researcher knows how to filter information to get factual data. Identify the academic resources you want to use, whether online or the school library. Jot down important information to use later in your arguments. 

Also, make sure you include quotes from different sources to prove to your lecturer that you indeed carried out comprehensive research. 

Structural Flow

Here, you are now in the writing phase; after gathering all the relevant data, you need to compose an exceptional paper with valid arguments. Have a proper essay outline in place to guide you during the entire process. All essays usually have a standard format with introduction, body, and conclusion sections. 

Having an outline builds the essay context. For instance, the introduction comprises a hook sentence about the theme and a thesis statement; the body holds the arguments and factual data. The conclusion summarizes the major points and reveals the significance of the analysis.


Writing Introduction

The introduction section is crucial since it sets the pace for the readers to understand the essay theme. Hence, you must include a hook sentence that captures the readers’ attention. 

A powerful introduction should cover the following aspects:

  • Clear thesis statement for easy understanding.
  • Express the major issues 
  • Demonstrate your main arguments.
  • Present the research methods
  • Grabs the readers’ interests. 
  • Answering the set of questions.

An introduction can make or break your essay. Thus, you must be clear and concise if you want positive exam results. Avoid writing irrelevant background information that bores the audience. Start with a hook sentence and keep your audience interested in continuing reading your essay. The trick is to stick to only relevant information relating to the subject.

Writing Body Paragraphs

Here, you must present your arguments using logic to make the readers understand your perspective. Each paragraph must examine a significant point to avoid confusion. Moreover, each argument should have factual evidence and examples to support the point. 

Ensure you present all information clearly while developing your arguments logically. The essay body is the backbone of your research. Thus, demonstrate your understanding of the particular subject and make your essay captivating with interesting points.

 Writing Conclusion

Finally, composing a strong conclusion seals your essay and leaves a lasting impression on the target audience. This final paragraph summarizes the main points in the paper while revealing their importance to the readers. It usually presents a clear-cut answer to the central question in the introduction section. The writer must paraphrase the essay’s arguments while pointing out the significant suggestions from the research evidence. 

The last paragraph of your essay is critical since it determines whether you attained the main research goal. Do you persuade the readers to agree with your perspective? Did your paper educate the audience? Hence, ensure your conclusive statement is strong and confident. 

Essay writing may seem challenging, but with the proper format, a few tips, and regular practice, you will become an expert. To become a writer without a degree is not a problem if you follow the essay writing techniques above. Ensure you write a captivating introduction, a detailed body, and a strong conclusion that communicates effectively to the readers.

Furthermore, academic writing requires formal language and a precise formatting style. If you want to complete an outstanding essay, you need to research extensively, compose original papers, edit them properly, and incorporate proper citations. Each graduate deserves a polished essay that will boost their academic performance.


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