Designing a room for a child is challenging. You need a beautiful and functional space that will accommodate play and growth. Whether you are starting from scratch or improving an existing space, you will find a healthy dose of inspiration in this article. Create a design that your child will love for years to come! 

Professional or DIY?

Kids need a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that encourages creative leisure. Experts in luxury children’s interior design create spaces that inspire them to pursue their wildest dreams. Professionals will help you strike the balance between practical and adorable. They will also guarantee the safety of every nook and cranny. Here are six universal rules of design used by professionals. 

1. Create More Space

Keep the furnishings to a minimum to free up open-floor space for playing. When it comes to interior design for kids, less is more. Create a neutral canvas that can be updated easily.

Expand the usable space with the help of double-duty items. For example, with a loft bed, you will free up additional space for playing, reading, or lounging. 

2. Design a Kid-friendly Space

Put yourself in your little one’s shoes. Imagine that you are three feet tall to create a space that is both functional and adorable. Focus on what children love the most — play! 

Emphasize fun without sacrificing style. For example, you could add a chalkboard wall or an art gallery for your kids’ creations. A rock-climbing wall or a cargo net suspended from the ceiling will help your child burn energy before bedtime.

3. Add Some Magic

Add a touch of something fascinating, as kids love infusing magic and imagination into the everyday. Fairy lights, stars glowing in the dark, colorful circus flags… the list goes on. The room should invite its little tenant to come and play. 

4. Maximize Storage

Children need a lot of stuff. Double up the storage to keep the ever-growing collection of toys, games, books, and clothes. To prevent cluttering the room, choose furniture with built-in features like hooks, under-the-bed crates, and rails. An easy way to expand the storage space is to install an additional closet rail.

5. Find Long-term Color Solutions

Choosing the right colors is more difficult than you may think. Girls may love pink while they are small, but they often change their minds later. Repainting the entire room is not easy! A gender-neutral setting with a rainbow of accessories is a long-term solution. You can easily update the interior as your kid grows.

6. Play with Patterns and Textures

Finally, do not neglect these stepsisters of color! Patterns and textures are the secret weapons of professional designers. A few extra elements can create a balanced and visually appealing space, even without color. With a combination of layers and patterns, you can make the room absolutely stunning!


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