Playing the famous Minecraft video game online at home must be safe and suitable for your child. 

Your kids can play Minecraft online on the SeekaHost Minecraft server hosting in the safest way and look forward to their gaming time with their friends online while stuck at home.

After all, children are allowed to spend time on smartphones, tablets, or watching television, so you’d rather have them engage with stimulating online games that promote mental capabilities.

The Minecraft game can improve learning capabilities like problem solving and motor skills and there are many more reasons why your child’s passion for the game should not be dismissed and ignored. 

Kids can play the game online with their friends while at home and communicate with them through the server hosting the game. All players log in and find themselves in a Minecraft world where they can build, plan and have fun together. Children can be quite competitive, and the game can help build confidence among kids and their friends.

So, find out about the best six reasons why it’s absolutely fine to allow your child to play Minecraft with their friends, raising the spirit of teamwork among them. 

1. Minecraft enhances teamwork

If Minecraft is played in a multiplayer mode, it can increase the players’ confidence, allowing them to lead a game, give instructions, make decisions and support each other. Players have to collaborate and work together rather than against each other to win the game.

2. Minecraft enhances learning

If your child plays an online Minecraft game with their friends, they can learn how to play the game, what keys should be used, how they can set up a world or build something within it etc. On top of that the game also promotes skills like problem solving, coding, creativity and focus. 

3. Minecraft can expand social skills 

While playing Minecraft with their friends, your child can socialize with many known and even unknown players, who somewhat support them by interacting with them. This can grow your child’s social circle and equip them with social skills like forming relationships, communicating effectively and networking. Your kid will learn how to conduct themselves online, which is also part of digital literacy at school. 

4. Minecraft keeps your kid healthy

Because Minecraft is an online game, the players do not have physical contact, which keeps your kid a mile away from familiar childhood diseases. This is especially safe during times of a pandemic, where social distancing is key to remain healthy. If your child is vulnerable it certainly is a great alternative to regular play dates. 

5. Minecraft reduces safety risk through a private server

A safe place has been created by setting up a private Minecraft server for your kid’s and their friends’ Minecraft game. Moreover, the problems that plague big and poorly moderated servers like swearing, inappropriate content, and behavior will be non-existent on a private server as it’s only accessible by the players that have been set up and parents can monitor this.

6. Flexible Minecraft versions

While playing with their friends, your kid can select any of the versions of Minecraft available on the server. This allows your child and their friends to choose different worlds or mods and by that create their very individual online adventure on the Minecraft server. 

Join the Minecraft fun

As you can see, playing Minecraft with friends can be beneficial for your kids in various ways. And this does not exclude adult fun as many parents will often join their kids and learn new skills from them. You can test it for free by setting up a Minecraft server with a 7-day trial at SeekaHost. 








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